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Connect with your key business influencers like Architects, Interior Designers, Carpenters, Masons, Contractors, Electricians, Mechanics, Plumbers and Technicians. Reward them for promoting your business and make them your brand champions.

Referrals from your business influencers is a game changer in sale conversions and in building a sustainable sales funnel.
Today, One Loyalty is India's most sought-after loyalty solution and we have delivered high value to Influencer led businesses like Cements, Automobile, Electrical & Electronics, Construction Equipment, Plywood and Veneers, Architectural Interiors, Manufacturing and many more.
Influencers like Architects, Interior Designers, Carpenters, Masons, Contractors, Electricians, Mechanics, Plumbers, Technicians etc ., play a big role in influencing the buying decisions of end consumers.
If you are part of any industry where influencers play a big role in funneling your sales, you should simply talk to One Loyalty.

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

Tailor made for your Business Evangelists

Your business channels depend on their network of influencers who appraise end-consumers about the benefits or your product or brand, and promotes the sale. One Loyalty is a highly customizable automated software for any kind of complex distribution and sales processes, enabling your influencers to do more and gain from every transaction .

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

Seamless Connectivity Features

One Loyalty is a hi-tech offering that is highly flexible yet seamless. It's multi-platform integration and support functionality allows to connect to any type of sales and billing platforms and perform loyalty functions like a breeze.

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

Insightful Analytics and Reports

One Loyalty provides the ability to review and relate to your campaigns effectively through our Analytics Engine. Reports that picture top influencers, their behaviours, purchase patterns, and other program related metrics like sales ROI and promotional impact.

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

Robust Redemption and Fulfilment

One Loyalty is known for its extensive variety of goodies, gifts and vouchers sourced from some of India's best providers. Redemptions are well orchestrated to suit individual programs and engineered to deliver delight to your loyal members.

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

Special features that favour your business

One Loyalty delivers cutting edge features like QR, Coupon and Scratch codes with high security encryptions, geo-targeting for pin pointed accuracy, interactive apps and microsite for members, insightful analytics, program consulting, strategy and campaign management services and a well equipped contact centre providing a 360*connect to your program.

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

Ease of Use

Mobile Apps and customer-friendly interface allows contactor to make easily earn points through referrals.

Why Contractors/Referral Rewards Program

In some businesses, contractors/influencers exert a huge influence on a customer’s purchase decisions and their actions have an exponential impact in driving sales.Winning a few highly connected contractors/influencers can result in a chain reaction of purchases from their contacts. If you win these contractors/influencers you win the market.

Loyal contractors/influencers usually have a thorough knowledge about the products and their opinion, and not just that, their words or influence carries lot more weight than any other sales literature. A successful brand keeps customers close, but keeps their influencers closer with the right referral rewards. Connect with us to know more.

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

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